Providing life-changing opportunities through education

Education is everyone’s human right

The Generations Foundation aims to provide a quality education for children and young people who would otherwise not be able to access one. We believe education is a fundamental human right that can provide life-changing, inter-generational opportunities for individuals, their families and their wider communities. Yet one in five children around the world do not have the opportunity to go to school. Only by ensuring inclusive, equitable quality education for all will we be able to empower girls, combat climate change, fight inequality and end extreme poverty.

How we operate

We partner with charitable organisations around the world to help bring education to disadvantaged children and young people.

The Generations Foundation provide the funding required to keep each child in school along with the other things students need to thrive, such as clean water, nutritious meals and healthcare. Funding also supports the improvement of learning resources, school infrastructure and teacher training along with livelihood development in the wider community. We support children throughout their primary and high school education and also support university students.

Discover our partners and impact

Kositei Primary School, Kenya
& Chemolingot School for the Hearing Impaired, Kenya

Aberdare Ranges Primary School, Kenya

Mbazzi Primary & Secondary Schools, Uganda

Kibowen Komen Primary School, Kenya

Luc Yen, Vietnam

Happy Home, Bangladesh

Western Visayas, The Philippines

Heatley Secondary College, Australia

Stars, Australia

Griffith University, Australia

Monash University, Australia

UTS, Giant Steps & Western Sydney University, Australia

An audacious goal

The Generations Foundation aims to end education inequality. We want every child to receive a quality education. It’s an audacious goal, but every child we can support brings us one step closer to achieving it.

Discover our approach

How we’re funded

We are grateful for the support of the following organisations:

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