About the Generations Foundation

Starting a ripple effect

The Generations Foundation was created to deliver on their commitment to inter-generational investment by supporting education outcomes for disadvantaged children.

We believe that education is a fundamental human right for all, and that receiving a quality education creates a ripple effect of opportunities and growth. Through our work, we’ve seen first-hand that the benefits provided to an individual positively impact their families and wider communities across multiple future generations.

The Generations Foundation goals

Our work is centred on the achievement of three key objectives:


We use our influence to raise awareness for children in need


We support education projects in areas of need across the globe


We ensure sustainability for both our partners and The Generations Foundation

How we’re tracking


students supported and impacted by The Generations Foundation

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The Generations Foundation team

Jonathan Lim
Board Director
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Irene Vidaller
Board Director
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Stephanie Lorenzo
Board Director
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Toral Chokshi
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